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Saddle used or new saddle ?

The financial question is always the one that dictates the choice when buying equipment for horses. There are more expensive but poor quality, and there are cheaper but good quality. In the first case as in the other, one must know how to choose the right saddle. To have the top quality of saddles, should it then invest in news or so opt for used saddles?

Resistance to new stools

With a new saddle, it is safer to have equipment in very good condition. Just select the right brands to ensure quality. New leathers are very strong and do not risk damaging them too soon. These saddles are ideal for a more comfortable ride or good quiet strolls on the back of the stallion. With a long life, a new saddle is perfect for all riders wishing to make long-term investments. However, a saddle that is fresh out of the factory does not necessarily fit all budgets. Indeed, those of the big brands are frightfully expensive. It is necessary to reserve in the 4000 euros if one wants to buy a new saddle. In addition, do not be fooled by brands that are overpriced but of lower quality.

From cheap quality with used saddles

Even if you look for quality with new stools, their prices often pose as obstacles. As a result, many people are now turning to the french used saddles. You can also find the comfort of new saddles with used saddles of good brand. Many riders say they feel much more stable and comfortable on a saddle already run-in. In addition, the horse is more comfortable in his movements. However, you should not buy low-end used saddles that may wear out the first time you use them. For greater safety, you must invest in the specialists of the saddle used, first or second hand. They put on the market well-known brands, at a price two to three times less than new stools.

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