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Do you know what to pay attention to when choosing your new saddle?

The saddle is a must-have accessory when riding. Not only should it be used well, but it should also be well chosen because its role is vital in practice. To choose your saddle, it will be enough to focus and to refer to some basic criteria. It is from these criteria that you can contact a professional in order to find the best model adapted to your needs.

The first criteria

When choosing the saddle on, it will be necessary to take into account the discipline that you practice. Indeed, the latter is a must. In this frame, the outdoor saddles will suit perfectly to all those practicing the hike. This type of saddle is particularly comfortable if used over a long period. For those who practice dressage, the dressage saddle will offer excellent results. Indeed, this type of saddle has very long quarters allowing a better descent of the leg. For jumping, models with front-facing quarters, front and rear cleats and a flat seat will do the trick. For versatile people who are not limited to a single discipline, the versatile saddle will be an excellent alternative. For young children, the sticks will be ideal to begin and begin to love this passion.

The size of the saddle as well as its material

There is also the size of the saddle that will suit the riders. For children under 8 years, the bardettes will fit perfectly. For young riders between 8 to 10 years old, choose size 15 inches. Adolescents as well as small people will be able to turn to saddles of size 16.5 inches. Adults, meanwhile, will use the 17.5-inch size instead. For larger saddle sizes, they will adapt perfectly to larger people.

Regarding the material, you have the choice between the synthetic material and the leather. If the latter is more solid and elegant, the synthetic material is much easier to maintain and is much lighter in addition to the fact that it is really not expensive.

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